Paul Bruce

Thursday 26th May
As part of our Focus on Scottish Film, Paul Bruce founder of the Edinburgh Short Film Festival has curated this Short Film Porgramme.

Palace Cinema |12.00 – 13.30 | Free entry

Dir: Razan Madhoon | Drama | 10mins
A Palestinian woman claiming asylum in the UK, faces the indifference of British bureaucracy and a disillusioned asylum officer on the verge of leaving the country for good.

Dir: Martin Clark | Drama | 16mins
When Alan discovers his best friend Stuart and Angela are secretly dating, jealousy drives him to fiol it and wrestle where his passions really lay. 1980's Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Dir: Izzy Gibbs | Animation | 15 Mins
A small film about a small river. A stop motion story made mostly from wood from the river found during the 2020 lockdown. A remarkable stop-motion celebration of the Keith River.

Dir: Olivia J Middleton | Horror | 16 Mins
A raw and haunting short horror film exploring the fragility of mental health during pregnancy.

Dir: Alia Ghafar | Drama | 14.5 Mins
Kim (23), a Glasgow bassist playing a dingy venue surrounded by art-school snobs, her now ex-boyfriend and frontman Lee. Kim wants to escape the shallow scene. When Lee’s guitar is stolen, Kim gives chase

Dir: Zoe Hutber | Animation | 5 Mins
A delightful, Scottish stop-motion short about a couple’s struggle against the system in a world where everyone is made of money. 

Dir: Fi Kelly | Comedy | 16 Mins
Vape-smoking, whisky-swigging middle-aged mermaid PEARL hides away on a remote Scottish loch. Owner of an aquatic fantasy sex-line site, living a different life to her enchanting ancestors ... she's the ultimate fish out of water.

Dir: George Farrow-Hawkins | Music Video | 3 mins
Touching and thoughtful stop-motion animated video for the song ‘What’s Left to Say’ by Constant Follower. The animation is both poignant and introspective and deftly edited.