Nosferatu Reimagined: A Gothic Symphony Holy Trinity Church, Schull, May 23rd

As part of our special focus on Horror Film, on Thursday 23rd of May, we will screen silent film Nosferatu accompanied by West Cork composers; Irene and Linda Buckley's original musical score, performed by Rhoda Dullea on the organ, Ilse de Ziah on cello and Karen Dervan on viola. Originally premiered at Union Chapel London for Organ Reframed Festival in 2016 and this experience of music with film was hailed by Fluid Radio UK as ‘an experience like nothing else, a cinematic and musical experience bound together as one, like Nosferatu and the victim. It was a symphony of horror’

A masterpiece of early horror cinema, recently restored,  Nosferatu still has the power to capture and terrify audiences over a hundred years after its creation. Renowned Cork composers Irene and Linda Buckley present the film with their immersive score, incorporating the gothic sound world of the pipe organ at the Holy Trinity Church on Colla Road in Schull, with viola, cello and electronics. “The eerie modern classical score – comprising beautiful recurrent themes together with moments of chilling dark ambience and intense, ominous drone – is so complementary to Murnau’s foreboding imagery that you would think they had always been together.”

Directed by F.W. Murnau and inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula, Nosferatu introduces Count Orlok, a vampire terrifying a German town. This iconic, unauthorized adaptation, marked by Max Schreck's chilling performance, pioneered atmospheric and visual storytelling within the genre of horror.

Music in Film at FFF is orchestrated by Sarah Glenanne
CEO of Screen Composers Guild of Ireland.

All tickets will go on sale from May 3rd
More exciting news to follow shortly!