As part of our focus on Horror, Evil Dead Rise will screen on Saturday 25th of May at 18.00, followed by a Q&A with Director Lee Cronin, Producer John Keville and hosted by Gerard Stembridge.

"Evil Dead Rise" marks a thrilling and gruesome continuation of the iconic "Evil Dead" franchise, directed by Lee Cronin. Moving from classic cabin in the woods to city setting for a fresh twist. The film focuses on two sisters whose encounter with a demonic book turns their reunion into a nightmare. It skilfully mixes psychological horror with the franchise's renowned gore and dark humour. The cast’s powerful performances anchor the film's intense emotional and terrifying journey. Offering new takes on the Necronomicon mythology, the movie balances innovation with tradition, making it accessible to newcomers and satisfying for long-time fans. It's a must-watch for fans of the genre, a perfect blend of scares, gore, and a touch of dark humour.

Lee Cronin, is an award winning filmmaker from Dublin, best known for his work in the horror genre. His film "The Hole in the Ground" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019 to critical acclaim, winning him a Saturn Award nomination for Breakthrough Director. Subsequently Lee was invited by the “Evil Dead” Franchise to write and direct "Evil Dead Rise” a standalone fifth instalment in the series. The film cost $15 million to make and grossed $147 million at the box office worldwide, making it the highest grossing film ever to be written and directed by an Irish filmmaker.

John Keville is an accomplished Irish film producer and co-founder of Savage Productions in Dublin. Known for his dedication to innovative storytelling, Keville has produced significant films like The Science of Ghosts, Without Name, Evil Dead Rise, Cocaine Bear and The Hole in the Ground which have garnered international acclaim. His expertise in project development and financing significantly contributes to promoting Irish cinema globally. His work is pivotal in nurturing Irish talent and enhancing the profile of independent filmmaking in Ireland.

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