Elizabeth is Missing

Aisling Walsh

Date of Screening TBC

Elizabeth is Missing | 87 mins | 2019

Cinema TBC | Time TBC | €5

Directed by Aisling Walsh

Twice Academy Award winner Glenda Jackson stars as a woman desperately trying to solve two mysteries as she declines into dementia, in Elizabeth Is Missing.This is a heart rending adaptation of Emma Healey's bestselling 2014 novel. Maud, played by Glenda, must attempt to piece together what has happened to her best friend Elizabeth. She is convinced that something terrible has occurred, and sets out to solve the mystery, all the while fighting against her worsening dementia. As Maud becomes more forgetful and the distinctions between past and present blur, she begins to wonder whether the mystery is connected to the decades-old unsolved disappearance of her own sister, Sukey.

Key takeaways