Maria Pizzuti


Maria Pizzuti is from Rome. Her studies have taken her from the University of Rome, where she studied medicine for four years, to DIT Dublin where she received an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art (1st Hons), to UCD, where she received an MA in Philosophy (1st Hons). In her post-graduate studies at UCD, she was awarded the Open Postgraduate Scholarship and a Government of Ireland Research Scholarship.

As an artist, she has worked in many different media. A large panel-beaten bronze piece of hers, entitled An Croi Briste, is in situ as a famine memorial on Lower Mallow Street (near Steamboat Quay) on the Shannon River in Limerick city. Her particular interest as an artist and researcher is in the relationship between the physiological underpinning of imagination and the role of the environment in modulating the emergence of creativity.

Living in West Cork since 2003, Maria is one of the founding members of the Fastnet Film Festival and has collaborated in the organisation of the festival in different guises. Festival Image Co-ordinator, alongside Jonathan Parson, for the first 5 years, Joint-Artistic Director from 2010 to 2013 and, as in any voluntary festival at the beginning, a jack of all trades.

Maria is currently in charge of organising the Island Cinema on Long Island and the European Peripheral Festival programme, Light from the Land, for Fastnet Film Festival.

Maria Pizzuti
International Programmer
Fastnet Film Festival